Research Centre

At CBRE, our property market analysis has many dimensions.

We start from the individual property up, to give our research local credibility with the widest possible coverage. We include each of the major commercial property sectors from office, industrial, through to retail and hotels. From the construction of new buildings, to the underlying demand for property and the monitoring of key indicators such as rents, yields and capital values, we aim to cover every aspect of commercial property.

In every major city in Australia and New Zealand, we have or can identify trends and provide property market commentary and individual property reports. With the help of econometric modeling, we are also forward-looking in many aspects of commercial property.

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Global Reports

CBRE Global Research and Consulting publicly releases some of its analytical work to assist the industry in understanding the global market trends and conditions that are shaping our economies and business strategies.


Asia Pacific Reports

The Asia Pacific region is responsible for coordinating research operations in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Australia Reports

CBRE Reseach ​sets the standard for national real estate research by providing clients with accurate, insightful and current market knowledge.

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ViewPoint reports provide commentary on current topical market trends and issues.

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