30 April 2019

Why tenant experience proptech needs the human element

The workplace is undergoing revolutionary identity shifts in design and interpretation. At the epicenter of this change is tenant experience and a growing employee demand for technology-driven, hospitality-infused and inspiring workplaces. 

These tectonic shifts in what shapes a successful, modern working environment have given way to the next-generation of tenant engagement platforms. 

Commercial real estate landlords and tenants now have a variety of tenant engagement platforms at their fingertips. 

These include Comfy, a smartphone app that connects people, places, and systems. Initially designed to enable employees to control office temperature, Comfy has evolved into an end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of the workplace environment. The app provides on-demand control to employees and facility management teams by connecting and integrating them with building automation features, IT networks and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. 

Similar platforms include Smart Spaces by Aviva, which provides a single end-to-end platform for all workplace needs such as room bookings, visitor management and asset management. Access for visitors is expedited by providing them with calendar invites and a scannable code for ease of entry. Smart Spaces also allows asset management teams to monitor building and equipment-related information such as operational status and maintenance history.

These and other tenant engagement platforms undoubtedly improve user experience by integrating property services and amenities via a digital offering. While adoption remains a challenge, many operators have found that integrating security passes into smartphone applications rapidly improves take-up.

However, technology alone cannot create a truly effective and employee-centric workplace. 

This has led to the creation of scalable product suites such as CBRE’s Host platform, which blends people, training and technology to create a workplace experience that places employee needs at its core.

Host integrates technology and end-user experience features on a single platform, allowing employees to access their workplace needs from a single app and organisations to administer building management requirements from a single and customisable platform.

Trained and certified experience professionals located on-site are responsible for creating a supportive and comfortable atmosphere; welcoming visitors; and acting as air-traffic control for all employee-facing services.

The platform, which has been customised for clients such as Charter Hall, also features a mobile app that allows users to navigate the workplace, schedule meetings with colleagues, reserve workspaces, use food and beverage services, and access building and concierge services.

Our experience is that tenant engagement platforms need to do more than just enhance the employee experience. They also need to effectively leverage data to identify problem areas or proactively deliver the features and services end-users require. 

Most platforms also often neglect the human element of service delivery. Using a smartphone app to locate colleagues, reserve meeting rooms and order F&B unquestionably improves convenience but, having friendly and well-trained staff on hand to help employees navigate their day can make all the difference.

To create a truly transformative and employee-centric workplace experience, next-generation tenant engagement platforms must combine technology with advanced data strategies and best-in-class hospitality services.