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Beyond the high-rise dotted skylines and crowded city pavements of our capital cities lies the engine room of our economy: Australia’s industrial & logistics sector. Everything around us is powered by the industrial & logistics sector – from the shoes that you wear (and the record speed they were delivered in via online shopping), to the train you caught to work this morning. Everything you physically touch has, almost certainly, spent some of its lifetime in a manufacturing facility, warehouse or distribution centre – and quite possibly all three!

Employing more than 25% of the Australian labour force, the industrial & logistics market has an impressive footprint spanning 151 million square metres and contributes AU$423 billion to Australia’s GDP. It is diverse and fast paced. Dynamic and technology driven. It’s challenging, but rewarding. Supportive and innovative. More importantly, the face of industrial & logistics is changing and it is opening doors for women in the property industry. 


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Women in Industrial (WiN)

CBRE is a founding member of Women in Industrial (WiN), which was established by leading institutional owners and agencies, including 151 Property, Charter Hall, Frasers Property, Goodman, GPT, CBRE and JLL. WiN strives to offer employment, educational and networking opportunities for anyone interested in joining the dynamic sector of industrial property. Leading by example, each of WiN’s founding companies actively supports and promotes the role of diversity in industrial property - setting the standard for the sector. For more information, visit the Women in Industrial website.


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