CBRE builds real estate advantage. We do this by leveraging our talent, knowledge and skills for our clients, but also via publication of research reports, video and podcasts.

In each podcast one of our professionals shares his or her views on a real estate theme within Australia. These easy to digest conversations will keep you up to date on the latest industry trends and insights within the commercial real estate sector.

CBRE Podcasts

Talking Property with CBRE

In this podcast series, our team of experts share insights into the world of commercial real estate.

The Research Series

By researching and analysing global trends and opportunities, our team delivers valuable insights to our customers to make more informed real estate decisions.

Carpool Conversations

Join us as we discuss the latest trends and insights on wellness integration in the workplace.

Talking Sheds

Stay up-to-date with the latest ins & outs on Australia's Industrial and Logistics' real estate landscape.