David Keenan

National Director, Science and Research, Project Management, Australia

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Level 21, 363 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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David has over 20 years’ experience providing expert leadership to major projects across Australia, with a particular focus on large and complex Health, Education and Research projects.

David provides subject matter expertise for CBRE where projects have a convergence of Science and Research with Health and/or Education clients. David is a highly collaborative professional who has developed his unique skill set through experience as a former molecular biologist researching in Edinburgh before relocating to Australia, and has subsequently been responsible for the planning and delivery of several world class projects such as the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (PPP) and the St Vincent’s Research & Biotechnology Precinct – Stages 1 (Lowy Packer Building) and 2 (The Kinghorn Cancer Centre).

David has been responsible, as Operations Manager of the Garvan Institute, on the day to day operations and evolving needs of world class scientists and researchers. Over David’s career to date he has taken the knowledge gained from initially working at the bench as a researcher, through the pressures of operating and maintaining world class infrastructure, to the planning and delivery of increasingly complex and innovative facilities with the largest and most technically complex being the VCCC project in Parkville, Melbourne.

David is a passionate advocate for sustainability in what is traditionally an energy intensive sector. Accordingly, David has taken a leading role in establishing the foundations for an Australian chapter of I2SL where he has first-hand experience of introducing world’s best thinking and technology into projects and improving their environmental performance.