Zubia Mehtab

Senior Associate, Debt & Structured Finance, Pacific

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Level 21, 363 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Zubia Mehtab is a Senior Associate in the CBRE Debt & Structured Finance team, responsible for loan management, monitoring, reporting and asset management.

CBRE Pacific’s Loan Services professionals currently manage AUD 3.7 bn for more than seven international and domestic lenders, across investment and construction loans in multiple sectors.

Zubia has 10+ years’ experience in banking and finance. An expert in number of fields including Underwriting, Closing & Settlements, Post-Closing & Servicing and Internal Audit, she has worked for AAA rated banks and market leading mortgage companies in the USA and Australia.

Prior joining CBRE, Zubia worked at Think Tank as Credit Manager, writing over forty deals, up to AUD 30 million, per month.

Zubia’s proven track record in delivering exceptional results is underpinned by her commitment to fulfilling regulatory requirements with efficiency and excellence.