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How Global Workplace Solutions Improve Your Real Estate Investments

Global Workspace Solutions, also known as GWS are your key to a higher level of real estate investment success. CBRE’s GWS team develops individualised facilities management success plans for each of our clients. This client-first approach ensures that you receive all the services you need to maximise the value and ROI of your properties.

Your portfolio may carry a diverse number of properties. In many cases, you may even hold properties across multiple industries. In these cases, it’s important to ensure you have the most effective management in place across your entire portfolio. That way, you won’t miss out on areas of continued growth and other opportunities.

GWS delivers management services in all critical areas of your operations:

  • Facilities Management: No matter your industry, our team can help. We offer a broad range of services from operations and maintenance to employee services and real estate accounting.
  • Technical Services: From reactive and planned maintenance to emergency fabric repairs or mechanical breakdown - our dedicated technical services team have the experience and capability to self-deliver tailored, optimised service across your portfolio.
  • Project Management: CBRE’s team of industry leaders offer results-driven project management for both investors and occupiers
  • Transaction Services & Advisory: Includes everything from tenant/occupier services to ongoing success strategies and development for your workplaces.
  • Property Portfolio Management: A well-managed portfolio serves as the cornerstone of any successful real estate pursuit. Connecting your portfolio management with your other real estate components ensures consistency across the board.
  • Occupier ConsultancyOur professionals advise on solutions that integrate business information with portfolio optimisation, location analysis and organisational strategies.
  • Integrated Outsourcing ServicesCreating more value and driving greater efficiency through end-to-end accountability  through long-term contracts in regions around the world.
  • Tenant Representation: We act exclusively for tenants in order to provide cost effective corporate real estate solutions.

The Power of Workplace Unification

Unifying your operations under one managerial whole improves your operations in a variety of ways:

  • Simplifies Communication: A unified system allows for simpler communication across all real estate areas.
  • Enhances Efficiency: Facilities management can be tracked and assessed from a centralised point of reference. This will help to identify pain points and boost operational efficiency.
  • Identifies Areas of Growth & Opportunity: Furthermore, this management may reveal areas for further investment growth – or when risk begins to outweigh returns on particular properties.
  • Maximises Owner Benefits: Under one management umbrella, workplace solutions and property portfolio management provide the greatest possible benefit to owners.

The best way to achieve your unique goals comes by aligning a strategy directly with your operations, plans, and objectives. This is precisely where CBRE can help.

Our team of dedicated GWS professionals brings you everything you need for success of your facilities management in Australia. From various workplace solutions to property portfolio management, we’re fully prepared to bring your operations together. That way, you can better align your future toward an even greater level of success. 

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