How CBRE Builds Advantage through Property Management

Commercial property investments can be a significant source of income. Investors can expect to receive significantly more on their commercial investment than on a residential one. But investments can’t be made and left to work on their own. You need professional commercial property management to oversee real estate tasks, processes and relationships, to be successful.
Successful property management requires technical skills and knowledge of the industry.  At CBRE, our team offers asset management real estate services to strategically position your assets. Our expertise allows us to achieve optimal results in the most diverse markets and through the most challenging market conditions.  Asset management of real estate requires a wealth of experience. CBRE has the largest geographic footprint of any property management firm. Our knowledge extends to nearly every major market around the globe.  

Our Property Management Services

  • Property Management: Our experienced professionals manage the operation, control, and oversight of real estate management tasks, processes and relationships to ensure financial success.
  • REAS: Our group offers accounting and financial reporting solutions customised to meet a wide array of sophisticated accounting needs.
  • Technical Services & Engineering: Our facilities team have the technical skills and knowledge to ensure that your assets are maintained and managed for optimal efficiency and tenant comfort.
We also offer a broad range of specialised services that include an integrated facilities management help desk offering.

A primary task of the property manager is to ensure that you have the right tenants leasing your property. Once you have the right tenants in place, the next step is to ensure their comfort and satisfaction with their agreement.

Our team of experts can provide you with the range of facilities management services that are devoted to your success. We can help you determine the amount of rent to charge to get the best profit from your investment. We also have the skills to negotiate a variety of terms on the leases. We know what areas require flexibility and those that need to be held firmly in place.

The most important thing that you need to know about us is that we have been maintaining and managing commercial real estate assets for over 40 years with excellent results. We know how to connect the right people, capital, and opportunities. Everything we do focuses on our clients and their success.
If you need commercial property management services you can rely on, we have the services to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if your commercial property is across town or across the globe, we will work with you to serve your needs. Get maximum results from your real estate investment by letting us optimise your assets.

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Our experts are here to assist you.
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