How CBRE Builds Advantage

CBRE recognise that our major banking partners will increasingly demand more efficient reporting and stronger performance from valuation providers operating in the specialised prestige residential market.

To ensure that our strategy aligns with our client’s expectations, CBRE have established the Prestige Residential Valuations team which operates in our major service areas.

With experienced Valuers and specific procedures and support structure, Prestige Residential Valuations is dedicated to operating solely in this sector and provides efficient reporting, performance, communication and highly experienced valuers.

Our Services

Efficient Reporting
Our reports clearly identify our valuation conclusions, rationale and risk profile of the property “Up Front” in a consistent and easy to read format.


Our economies of scale and efficient systems allow the CBRE Prestige Residential Valuation Team to consistently provide performance which exceeds client expectations.


Our sophisticated internal processes integrate seamlessly with panel management systems such as Valex/VMS. This ensures timely communication to our clients who are kept constantly up to date with job progress in addition to personal updates from the responsible Valuer.

The Prestige Residential Valuation team believes that one on one communication is critical and provides a telephone direct call to the instructing party of every job (pre-delivery) to discuss our valuation conclusions and rationale.

Highly experience Valuers

Specialising in the $2 million + market place our economies of scale and size allow our Prestige Residential Valuation team to operate in geographically specific locations within the key Metropolitan areas. This provides CBRE with the unique ability to leverage the strong local market knowledge that our specialised valuers have developed through years of experience. This provides strategic client advantage through increased valuation accuracy, identification of local risk factors and industry leading reporting and service.