How CBRE can Build Advantage 

With our experience, relationships and in-depth knowledge of the real estate and infrastructure sectors in Australia and abroad, we can provide our clients with the forward-thinking solutions they need to enjoy a competitive advantage. Today’s institutional investors need accurate insights and specialist knowledge to achieve winning results. To stay on top of the markets and to make the most informed investing decisions, knowledge – and the ability to analyse that knowledge – is every investor’s most valuable asset.
Many investors partner with CBRE to take advantage of our strength and expertise that we can offer. Our services are designed to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Our portfolio managers actively manage and operate assets in 20 countries and are experts in real estate and real assets. Being a global business CBRE has a distinct advantage, making it easy to move capital seamlessly across borders and giving our clients access to value from around the world helping to secure capital, complete deals, and deliver results.

Our Services

At CBRE, our team of financial experts have built up relationships and have closely studied global financial cycles for years. 
Specialising in Office, Industrial & Logistics, Retail and Hotels, we offer our clients:
  • Investment advisory services including financial analysis, forecasting, and value added identification. 
  • Disposal solutions including executing on and off market campaigns, divestment strategies, due diligence services.
  • Acquisition services including customised solutions for on and off market opportunities, technical and financial due diligence, negotiation of terms, exchange and settlement of contract and asset management.

With CBRE experts located across in all states of Australia and across the globe, our team can deliver efficient transactions, ensuring all disposals and acquisitions are made with clarity and a full understanding of the risks and opportunities involved. 
Our institutional investment team deliver smart and innovative solutions to empower our clients' decisions and actions. Get in touch with us today!

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