Property investors are united by a common objective: to reduce costs and increase returns. Bringing a team of property management specialists on board to help you run your commercial portfolio is the key you need to unlock this.

If you are juggling several different properties, or if you have other commitments, managing your own can be difficult. Our services will free up valuable hours each day, while also  optimising the performance of your property in the market.

Our Property Management Services 

Commercial property management services represent a diverse array of different disciplines and duties. Together, they form a comprehensive toolkit designed to push your property portfolio to the next level. The services we provide include:

  • Managing tenancy agreements and other documentation
  • Handling renovation and maintenance
  • Keeping and submitting detailed accounts
  • Implementing sustainable practices within the property
  • Applying analytics platforms and software to the property
  • Ensuring smooth transitions and seamless handovers between tenants and occupants

What sets CBRE Apart

Our dedication and commitment puts us at a distinct advantage over our competitors. We are a wholly client-driven organisation, which means it is the desires and expectations of our clients that fuel our growth and development. Below are more areas specialise in. To find out more and to discover how you can benefit, get in touch with our team today.

  • Accounting: Customised accounting and financial reporting solutions
  • Axis Portal: Proprietary web-based management and leasing platform
  • Business Continuity: Emergency contingency planning and implementation
  • PULSEOur operating platform, designed for property management teams, tenants and owners, enables intelligent insight and optimised decision making
  • Global Energy and Sustainability: Optimisation of assets that drive operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Global Standards: Standardisation of global procedures across CBRE’s managed portfolio
  • Human Resources: Talent attraction, onboarding, training and development
  • Learning and Development: Training via online and in-person courses
  • Premier Properties: Specialised, elite property management services for the world’s most iconic buildings
  • Procurement: Vendor relations, pricing and purchase management
  • Project Management: Holistic management of capital projects and new construction
  • Risk Management: Management of insurance and asset protection
  • Security: Customised security planning, tools and services
  • Strategic Accounts: Leveraging of resources across a portfolio, based on client needs
  • Technical Services: Maintenance, technology and engineering services
  • Tenant Services: Tenant relations and retention management
  • Transition: Execute seamless transition of property operations