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Hospitality facility operators focus relentlessly on enriching the guest experience. Every detail — from the service and amenities to the decor and ambience — strategically unites to create a stress-free environment.

We do the same for our clients when delivering complex projects. Whether you’re renovating, expanding your existing property, or acquiring or building a new location, we manage every detail of your capital requirements to alleviate stress and risk exposure.

Act as your independent advocate.

With focused experience managing projects for hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, conference centres, spas and golf clubs, we’ll ensure your needs are clearly defined, capital projects are efficiently managed, and guest disruption is minimised throughout the entire real estate journey.

A key focus of yours is to anticipates guests’ needs and concerns before they arise. That’s our job too.

We predict your project needs before they become an issue. Our experience enables us to anticipate challenges, mitigate road blocks and create value early on. 

From CapEx planning, rebranding, model room coordination and public area refurbishments, to back-of-house renovations and FF&E procurement and delivery, the lessons we’ve learned from past projects will protect you from a contractual, financial and risk perspective.

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CBRE Hotels

We are the hospitality industry’s premier provider of sale advisory, financial solutions, market research, valuation services, and facilities management.

Cost Consultancy

Estimating and cost management help clients manage capital expenses to improve certainty and meet contractual obligations.

Development Management Services

We implement strategies to mitigate risks and help clients spend capital effectively from concept to completion.
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