Workplace Strategy Services

An effective workplace can champion and amplify your organisation’s brand while also creating a positive employee experience.

Working with occupier clients to deliberately align business drivers and the work environment, CBRE’s Workplace Strategy team supports clients in delivering more effective working environments that are attuned to the needs of their business and geared to generating improved productivity and cost efficiency.

Our approach is based upon a complete understanding of organisational objectives and user requirements in order to develop solutions that demonstrably drive business performance. We help our clients identify opportunities to reduce and/or reallocate their costs, more effectively manage their resources, improve employee engagement and make decisions faster.

The Workplace Strategy team enables a sharper commercial focus and more competitive financial performance by:

  • Creating flexible environments that motivate staff and are more productive
  • Expanding the concept of what a workplace is
  • Better utilizing space to ensure that capital is deployed more efficiently
  • Reducing environmental impact of property and workforce
  • Implementing informative change management strategies that ensure employee and business buy-in

Our Services

  • Workplace Assessments: We offer a suite of tools that allows clients to better understand their workplace today, helps them to identify change opportunities, as well as foster business appetite for the adoption of new workplace solutions.
  • Strategy Development: By working side-by-side with key project stakeholders, we can build strategies that consider all improvement opportunities in the workplace (people, space, policies, and operations), and focus on delivering the objectives of the organisation.
  • Change Management: We implement strategic change through partnership with all enabling functions (HR, IT, Admin, etc.) in the organisation to minimise risk and enhance employee transition to new work environments.
  • Program Management: We provide end to end support and oversight to implement portfolio-wide workplace change.
  • Workplace Research: Our research can help you understand how people work today and in the future, how this impacts building design, operations, services and amenities, to enhance asset value.