Building Advantage through Depreciation & Cost Consultancy 

At CBRE, we believe in delivering our clients the best possible results on their properties in the long term. This means providing consultancy services in vital areas such as building depreciation and ongoing costs. 

We aim to provide the client with a full and thorough understanding of their property assets going forward. This understanding forms the basis of a longer-term strategy, one which will see the client getting the most out of these assets in the future.

But we also go further than this. Once this fundamental level of understanding is achieved, we work with the client to achieve the maximum value possible for their portfolio. This requires the implementation of a variety of different services.

A Diverse and Effective Team

Our building depreciation team is perfectly positioned to provide you – the client – with the results you expect and deserve. To achieve this advantage in the market, we have put together a team of diverse and highly skilled individuals who excel in their chosen fields. Together, the services they provide are unmatched. The team consists of:

  • RICS Building Surveyors
  • Tax Practitioner Quantity Surveyors
  • RICS Accredited Cost Consultants

The team’s efforts are supported and augmented by our highly effective, native-developed software. This software works as a cohesive element, drawing the diverse aspects of our services together and helping us to provide an all-encompassing experience to clients.

Our Building Depreciation & Cost Consulting Services

  • Building Consultancy: we offer specialist consultancy at all points in the property acquisition process.
  • Tax Depreciation: We help you to identify and understand any tax depreciable property assets at all points in the property cycle, effectively enhancing your returns. 
  • Cost Consulting: We work with you to help you understand and reduce costs throughout the entire asset life cycle.

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CBRE Building Consultancy provides service throughout the ownership cycle specialist building surveying services across all sectors of the property industry to both owners and investors.
CBRE specialises in the preparation of tax depreciation schedules and associated advisory services.
CBRE Cost Consultancy offers independent construction cost advice from inception to completion of a project.
CBRE Residential Depreciation Team have qualified surveyors who provide a comprehensive report on the deterioration of an investment property.