Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

Sustainability is critical for the modern investor. At CBRE, we understand this, which is why we work to provide effective solutions that  provide advantages to your portfolio and also to the environment.

Our results work on both a short and long-term basis, ensuring immediate results but also meaningful and sustainable development over time. 

Sustainability Advantages from CBRE

The team at CBRE has an unparalleled track record for achieving high quality, highly effective sustainability solutions for businesses across Australia and the world. This is how we achieve these advantages:
  • Market-leading perspectives on regulatory standards: No one works more closely and more frequently with the NABERS rating system and the WELL Building Institute standard than us, giving us a critical lead over our competitors.
  • Worldwide scope: Sustainability can begin on the micro level, but it cannot end there. Our sustainability services are truly global, ensuring that your investments are future-proofed across all international markets.
  • Comprehensive approaches to sustainability: We conduct full and thorough audits of your current protocols and assets, before putting into action an over-arching plan to achieve full sustainability across the board.
  • Practical and results-driven processes: Our sustainability processes are designed to integrate directly with your own, creating a streamlined and efficient relationship that exceeds your targets.
  • Ongoing advice and support following investment: We continue to provide advice and support, even after the investment is complete. These services include effective asset management, maintenance, and other functions associated with operating a property portfolio in a responsible and sustainable manner.
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Our Sustainability Services

  • Sustainable property and portfolio strategies
  • Building Ratings – NABERS, Green Star and WELL Building Standard
  • Wellness Activation Programmes
  • Building audits and improvement plans
  • Capital works planning and management
  • Funding opportunity advice
  • Sustainable building and portfolio management
  • Resource efficiency programmes and reporting solutions
  • Renewable and low carbon energy initiatives
  • Carbon footprinting and offsetting strategies
  • Occupant and tenant education programmes
  • Sustainability marketing strategies
  • Development advisory services
  • Compliance and corporate responsibility reporting