Australian capital cities invariably rank highly in ‘most liveable cities’ lists, and their appeal, in conjunction with Australia’s high migration intake over the past 13 years, has contributed to rapid population growth within metropolitan areas. Whilst an overall benefit economically and culturally, rapid population growth and lagging public transport development continues to add to congestion in major cities. Australia’s population is forecast to grow by five million over the next decade, roughly equivalent to adding another Sydney to the nation’s existing population of twenty-five million. New transport infrastructure will be essential in catering for this population growth.

Investment in public transport infrastructure, particularly rail, is necessary to maintain liveability standards for residents commuting to employment centres. This has prompted federal and state governments to combine resources to undertake a period of transport investment that is forecast to grow by 107% over the next seven years. More...




Listen to Kate Bailey, Associate Director - Head of Logistics and Retail Research, discuss in under 5minutes the findings of the first report in Australia that compiles new/proposed metro infrastructure, surrounding developments floor area added and cost, and explores key development areas at a macro scale across residential, office and retail.



Look into Sydney Metro rail in more detail, which includes the North-West and City & South-West projects, and the proposed CBD to Paramatta link.
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The spotlight is on Brisbane’s Cross River Rail, expected to be delivered in conjunction with its extensive Metro bus system and creating five new stations and precincts.
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Featuring Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel that will include five new stations, with the intention to reduce traffic and rail congestion and release a major land parcel for urban renewal.
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More detail on Perth’s Metronet, a rail extension project earmarked to connect outer ring suburbs undergoing greenfield development to the CBD.
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*Estimates regarding proposed developments are based off known projects
A New Train of Thought: Developments on track in Metro Rail Precincts
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