This report explores how landlords can future-proof their assets to ensure they remain resilient in spite of changing consumer demands and broader economic challenges. 

We provide an overview of retailers that are expected to see growth in floorspace requirements, the potential uplift to Moving Annual Total (MAT) by incorporating mixed-use development in traditional retail assets and what practical measures landlords can implement to ensure they remain relevant to changing consumer needs. 


Key Takeaways


Online Retail Penetration

COVID-19 has driven the increase in online retail penetration sharply to an estimated 13.3%, a number originally not expected to be reached until 2024.

Selling Space

The largest forecast decline in selling space will come from department stores. Conversely, homewares and home furnishing stores are forecast to record the strongest growth in floorspace. 

Driving Moving Annual Total 

Incorporating mixed-use into a retail asset can help drive centre MAT. Office and education would provide the greatest increase in MAT growth. 

Retail Resilience: Future-Proofing Your Retail Asset


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