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Realising the true value of your property is not as simple as an equation. Get a professional property valuation from our team of fully accredited independent property valuers.


Realise the True Value of Your Residential Property

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Your property value is a key factor in guiding real estate decisions. In today’s ever-changing market, you need access to the most comprehensive, real-time data and analytics, backed by a team with extensive local knowledge and experience for every kind of situation from family law and legal support, refinancing to rental appraisals.

We can help you realise the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights from the most recognised professionals in the industry.

How We Deliver

  • Specialised teams of certified, accredited and dedicated valuers to guide you through the valuation process so you can make the right property decision at the right time.
  • 300,000 valuation assessments conducted each year, you can trust CBRE to provide you with an exceptional residential valuation service.
  • Processes that you can count on for quality and timely reporting with strict due diligences that ensure fair outcomes.

No matter what property, no matter the valuation service, we are here to realise the full potential of your investment.

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Residential Valuation & Advisory Services

Connect with an expert in your location.

With local experts in all major locations, we live and work in your community. This means we understand the market better and can provide a more accurate valuation than most because we live here too.

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  • Report | Intelligent Investment

    Australian Apartment outlook

    October 25, 2023

    Key Points:

    Rent outlook: CBRE now expect median rents to grow by $120/week (+26%) between 2023-2028, across 53 precincts in Australian capital cities. A number of precincts are likely to see mid/high 30% rental growth.
    Vacancy: We expect capital city vacancy will fall further to 0.8% by 2028, from 1.8% in 2023.These tight conditions will endure as vacancy stays at around 1/3rd of the previous decade average of 2.5%.
    Demand to rent: Over the next 10 years, demand is expected to benefit from the triple boost of rising population (+3.9m), rising jobs (+2.6m) and rising income (+$36k). Monthly apartment rents are 30% cheaper than alternate buy options at current prices.


CBRE Valuation and Advisory Services

Uncover the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights from the most recognised professionals in the industry.