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Every dimension, from your perspective

Experience the unique and innovative piece of our building consultancy which empowers clients to view and interact with a digital 3D representation of their property like never before. You’ll see dimensions others can’t, from perspectives others don’t.

Unlock more productivity, flexibility, and potential in every space, and realise more potential in every dimension of your business. Immerse yourself in all aspects of the external and internal areas of a property, with our interactive solution.

Realise more for your asset through:

  • improved visibility of the asset
  • streamlined communication and collaboration
  • greater consistency
  • reduced risks
  • improved decision-making processes

Our 3D Building Scanning Solutions

Interactive 360-Degree Model
360 degrees. Multiple dimensions.

Explore our interactive model of all internal and external areas of the site and buildings captured with our high-definition (HD) 360-degree cameras. The unique solution comprises a user interface that includes downloadable content in pdf, professional photos, video content and an interactive tour of all areas of your property (external, internal and roof areas). This solution is strongly recommended for industrial properties.

External 3D Model
Look outside. Share within.

Experience our external 3D model of the site and buildings created using photogrammetry, captured with HD cameras from ground, drone, helicopter or boat, and delivered via a cloud-based platform. The dashboard displays the geographic location of your properties and provides access to an external 3D model of your site and buildings.

It also features the ability to measure in the model with an accuracy to the millimetre, create annotation cards, set a clipping box in the model and view a timeline for the model. Share and discuss the synced side by side viewer of the model (before and after) with the wider team. Reports are generated in pdf, and you can share the model via email with other stakeholders, upload folders and files, and download HD photos from the model.

Internal 3D Model
Go inside. Think outside.

Discover more with our Internal 3D Model of the building using a camera light system, captured with HD cameras and delivered via a cloud-based platform. It allows you to embed notes and media and measure in the model (generally accurate to within 1% of reality). You can also deliver a 3D perspective to help people visualise spatial relationships, provide an integrated workflow for project planning and discussion of spaces, create a guided tour, and download HD photos from the model. 


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