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11 November 2021
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Talking about property is so much more than the physical building – it’s about placemaking, building community and creating opportunities for connection, something that has become so important in the wake of the COVID pandemic. 

In this episode of Talking Property, Jennifer Brown, National Director of Property Management at CBRE sits down with Letitia Hope, Partnership Specialist at ISPT. Together they talk about the psychology of place, why it’s so important for workplaces, and how creating opportunities for connection will be key to the workforce of the future. 



Jen Brown – National Director, Property Management, CBRE

Jen Brown is the National Director of Property Management at CBRE currently heading up the ISPT account. She has held previous roles at CBRE as Strategic Account Director on the Charter Hall account, ran the NSW Property Management business, as well as heading up the real estate accounting team for the Pacific region. She brings expertise in all facets of property management.


 Letitia Hope – Partnership Specialist, ISPT

Letitia combines a background in culture and change with a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne and translates cutting-edge research to better understand the future and create positive experiences in the workplace and precinct ecosystems. Letitia believes successful outcomes flow from partnership and collaboration through the entire value chain to co-create and achieve new services and workplace solutions for ISPT’s partners.


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