Slowly Scale Back Before Diving into Retirement


For most of our working lives, retirement is something for down the track – a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Until suddenly it dawns on you that it’s no longer a distant dream, rather an option that’s well within reach. 

Retiring is like a calculated leap of faith – you prepare and do the math as best you can, but ultimately, life is unpredictable. Trying to figure out if you’re even ready to leave the workforce can be hard enough, let alone trying to figure out if you have enough super and savings built up to accommodate the lifestyle you want (and any other unexpected costs along the way). 

What if there was a way however, that you could ease into retirement instead of diving in headfirst? A way you could still have an income and a ‘foot in the door’ workwise, but start to scale back and embrace the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have?  

Working as a flexible employee might be an ideal scenario for you. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Flexible Hours 

Work the hours and days you want so that you can do the things you want! Whether that be taking trips, looking after grandkids, renovating the house, re-engaging with hobbies, reconnecting with friends – the possibilities are endless.

2. Income when you need it 

Flexible work is a great way to top up your savings and to preserve your super. It allows you to save up for a holiday without dipping into your retirement funds. It also is a great yard stick for determining how much you need to budget for day-to-day living before you take the full plunge into retirement.

3. True work/life balance 

Stepping into a flexible role for some can be a welcome end to the many and varied demands of full-time employment. You might be stepping away from managing people, meeting demanding deadlines or even just the grind of commuting to work five days a week.  A casual role can give you the work/life balance you’ve always wanted – less stress, a change of pace, reduced responsibilities, and the ability to craft a schedule that works for you.

4. Stay connected 

For some, the jump from full-time work straight into retirement doesn’t quite translate to the long- envisaged dream. A slower, quieter pace of life can feel quite isolating after the daily dynamics of a workplace, and relationships and regular interaction with work colleagues are commonly missed. With flexible work, you can have the best of both worlds – taking a step toward retirement; but remaining connected into the industry while you find the balance that works for you. It also means you don’t have a gap in your CV should you decide to return to work in a part or full-time capacity down the track.

Open the door to future opportunities

Looking for a way to scale back and embrace the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have? If a flexible role appeals to you, contact the CBRE Work Your Way Team today! To get started, simply click here and fill out our interest form to get the ball rolling.

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