3 Ways to Land Your First Job After University

Hands down, one of the best ways to prepare for your future outside of University is through industry experience. We’ve all heard the stories or had that one friend who somehow manages to land an awesome job before they’ve even graduated – but how on earth did they do it? 

Often, the answer isn’t that they got perfect grades or high distinctions. It’s that they were able to get work experience or a casual position in the industry, prior to graduating.  And you can too! Get casual, paid work that aligns with your future career aspirations and land that dream job! Here’s Why:

1. Experience - Learn new and relevant skills 

Working a flexible role for the kind of business you want to work with, will enable you to start gaining the skills and experience you need to boost your CV and land that first full-time job. Learn how the business operates from the ground up. Learn not just the skills you need to complete the day-to day tasks in a job description, but also the communication and stakeholder engagement skills you need to excel in any corporate job. 

2. Networking - Meet new people

It can be an intimidating prospect, but it’s incredibly easy if you are in the right place for it to happen organically. You will meet all sorts of people from different parts of a business, simply by doing your job! It’s the perfect setting to build new relationships that could lead to a future referee or even a future job!  

3. Exposure - Enhance your professional profile 

This is how you grow your professional profile. If a company already has you on their books and knows who you are and what you’re capable of, your CV will fast track to the top of the pile and you are infinitely more likely to be shortlisted and hired for a permanent position. You may even be offered or recommended for roles that aren’t advertised!  

Keen to get your foot in the door, here’s how: 

If you find yourself wanting to gain corporate experience but struggling to conceive how you can juggle it with all your other commitments, then working in a flexible role at CBRE may be the perfect avenue for you. 

Open the door to future opportunities

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