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A framework for a healthy and safe return to work

CBRE's former Property Management’s Amanda Steele shares a framework for building re-entry, designed to help landlords and tenants prepare for a smooth return to work

May 18, 2020

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CBRE Property Management’s Building Re-entry framework was designed to help landlords and tenants prepare for a healthy and safe return to work.

With more than 17,000 tenants, 1,620 properties and over 20 million square metres under management in Australia and New Zealand, our re-entry approach is underpinned by our extensive property management knowledge, combined with an in-depth understanding of Government advice and best practice on health, hygiene and social distancing. 

At the foundation of our re-entry plans is this three-step process:

1) Landlord briefing and endorsement

Property Managers lead the process by engaging with their clients to agree the process for re-entry planning and tenant engagement. 

2) Asset-specific checklist

A tailored re-entry plan is created for each asset using our Building Re-entry Workbook, a comprehensive checklist of over 270 actions across four key areas:
3) Tenant engagement

Once the re-entry plan is agreed between building owner and property manager, active dialogue with tenants is essential to support their re-entry planning and build confidence in a safe return to work – both in the physical amenity and emotionally. 

The tenant’s plans within their space will also be captured and should operate in coordination with the asset-specific Building Re-Entry Workbook.

It’s important to note that our Re-entry plans are not only tailored for building and tenant-specific requirements, they will also adapt when needed to any future changes in Government and Health advice. 

Some key considerations for landlords are:

  • Communicate with your tenants regularly to inform them of the steps you are taking to protect their employees and workspace
  • Be aware of how returning to work will impact employees’ emotional health and how you can respond through support and wellness packages
  • Consider how technology can streamline the operational challenges of returning to the workplace.