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How ‘that extra 1%’ can help those in need

Andrew's drive to help organisations that are making a real difference.

August 15, 2022


CBRE’s Advisory & Transaction Services – Occupier team is a finalist for Real Estate Advisory Team of the Year in the RICS Awards Australia 2022, for its work helping not-for-profits save on their leases. Andrew Peak, who has supported clients including Cancer Council, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and Headspace, discusses his drive to help organisations that are making a real difference. 

Andrew Peak, CBRE’s National Director - Head of Transaction Management in Australia, is conscious of his not-for-profit clients’ budgets, especially as they experienced reduced funding during COVID.

That means he looks at real estate beyond floor space and amenities, especially during uncertain times.

“The challenge was some organisations were unsure of their space requirements,” says Andrew.

“I was able to introduce CBRE’s workplace strategy team to one organisation to better understand how their staff would utlise the office space moving forward.”

“This resulted in a 50% reduction in their space, which will be a significant financial saving.”

Andrew advised clients to focus on the long term in order to maximise incentives while adding options to leases for flexibility.

He leveraged his expertise to negotiate rates for the not-for-profits that will be more favourable than renegotiating a new lease when the market improves.

“It is very rewarding to save so much money for these organisations and use my skillset to help them make a real difference,” says Andrew.

“They are working hard for the betterment of society.

“My mentor always told me that every day you have to do your best for yourself and for other people – and the rest will look after itself.

“If we all did that extra 1% at work or socially, imagine where we would be.”

The missions of the not-for-profits not only fuelled Andrew’s drive to save them money, it also became an important consideration when seeking the right fit for tenants and landlords.

“A key decision criteria for many clients is not only around the environmental performance of the building, but what the landlord is implementing to give back to the community,” Andrew says.

“The landlords get more connected to their clients while helping the community, and tenants have happier employees who like to come to work and help others.”

Andrew also thinks about how his work can also leave a mark for his young children.

“I’m particularly passionate about creating a better environment for my children to grow up in and for all future generations.”

Andrew is among the employees profiled in CBRE’s Global 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report.