Re-entry to the workplace

Three focus areas to consider

07 May 2020

Re-entry to the workplace

The importance of customer experience in workplace re-entry

The property management industry is well underway with planning the country’s re-entry to the workplace. A lot has changed – there are new hygiene expectations, safety measures and social distancing norms to accommodate – but we can’t lose sight of the importance of the customer experience in all this. How do we balance this “new normal” with the need to maintain the exceptional workplace experience your tenants have grown accustomed to?

Let’s face it, it won’t be straightforward. The process of returning to the workplace will be fraught with barriers to re-entry and we have a big task on our hands to attract customers back to the workplace and ensure that their experience is as frictionless as possible. Here are three focus areas to consider when planning how to prepare your assets for re-entry.