Australia Report Figures - The Evolution of Australian Law Firms June 2022

June 14, 2022

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The future of office in the legal sector continues to evolve in the wake of the pandemic. For the purpose of this report, CBRE conducted a flash survey with 14 major law firms, where this report provides an insight into the current state and notable trends that will continue to shape the future workplace of the legal sector. 

  • Strong headcount growth underpinned by robust legal demand and revenue growth. Approximately 17,000 jobs are to be added over the next five years to 2026/27, translating to c.203,000sqm of additional office space required.


  • Centralisation and flight-to-quality will remain a key trend for law firms. CBRE believes there will be a stronger focus on optimising portfolios by utilising their office premises more effectively over cost containment to enhance client and staff experience.


  • Hybrid remote working will remain a significant part of the legal profession. CBRE has seen the acceleration of a flexible workstyle within the office in response to an increase in hybrid work as law firm fit-outs become increasingly similar to other professional services such as banking, consulting and finance.


  • Increased adoption of hybrid working will see more firms putting additional emphasis on workplace experience as a tool to attract and retain talent, especially among junior lawyers and partners.