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Australian CBD Retail Vacancy H2 2021

March 14, 2022

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CBD retail vacancy in Australia, as surveyed by CBRE Research, currently averages 13.9% as of H2 2021. This represents 100 bps (1.0%) growth from the previous figure of 12.9% recorded in H1 2021. Of the five capital cities underlined in report, CBD retail vacancy in Sydney is the lowest at 7.6%, followed by Melbourne (13.2%), Brisbane (14.3%), Adelaide (15.8%) and then Perth (25.8%). CBRE has surveyed 4,796 CBD retail outlets for this vacancy report. Due to its large CBD retail core, Melbourne has the highest number of surveyed CBD retail outlets of any city at 1,831, which is followed by Sydney (1,082), Brisbane (890), Perth (612) and then Adelaide (381).