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Building Immunity Through Real Estate Post-2020

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2020 will remain in people’s memories for as long as they own one. Not least for the tragedy and disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, but also for the fact that it has acted as a catalyst for changes in human behaviour and accelerated trends that were emerging.

In this episode of Talking Property we bring together some of those behavioural changes – short and long-term in nature – that will impact property markets across the Pacific. 


Tamba Carleton

Associate Director Research, New Zealand, CBRE

Tamba specialises in high density residential research with a focus on the Auckland apartment market and build-to-rent (BTR).

Kate Bailey

Director Research, Australia, CBRE

Kate is passionate about driving thought leadership around innovation and transformation in the retail sector. Kate has worked in property economics for 13 years including time working inhouse with a major retailer.

Gergely Gaspardy

Associate Director Research, New Zealand, CBRE

Gergely has been part of the New Zealand research team for the past eight years, and is responsible for CBRE’s occupier research across the office and industrial sectors, providing insights for engagement with New Zealand’s largest corporate and industrial occupiers.

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