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Hybrid Working: Leadership Success & Occupancy Planning

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Hybrid working was a hot topic in 2020 with business leaders around the world reassessing how they operate, while adjusting to a continuously changing environment. In 2021, the term ‘hybrid working’ has become commonplace – but what does it mean and how do organisations implement it successfully?  

In this episode of Talking Property, we set out to explore what makes or breaks hybrid working, the opportunities it presents for businesses as well as the impact on occupancy planning and how organisations can implement hybrid working as part of their operational model.

Hosted by Jess Thomas, Associate Director Workplace Strategy and Change Management with special guests Kirstin Cooper, Senior Workplace Consultant and Chris Pinto, Change and Transformation Manager at CBRE.


Jess Thomas

Associate Director, Workplace Strategy and Change Management, CBRE

In her role as Associate Director for the CBRE Pacific Workplace Strategy and Change Management team, Jess works across a wide variety of industries to develop workplace strategy solutions for clients that facilitate their corporate goals, align with their strategic vision and that drive high performing teams.

Kirstin Cooper

Senior Workplace Consultant, CBRE

Kirstin joined CBRE’s Pacific Workplace Strategy team following nearly 20 years working in Human Resources. Kirstin’s extensive HR background, along with her Masters degree in Psychology and passion for the employee experience, enable her to deliver a holistic service to clients as they traverse opportunities for new ways of working and the future workplace.

Chris Pinto

Change and Transformation Manager, CBRE

With a background in organisational development and change management, Chris’ role as Change and Transformation Manager at CBRE has seen him help a wide variety of organisations transform into a new way of working with a specific focus on the implementation of hybrid working.

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