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BTR In the Regions

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Pacific Build-to-Rent, or BTR, is at an early stage of emergence. While most Build-to-Rent developments to date have focused on major cities, data from our recent report series ‘Build-to-Rent in the Regions’ has shown that different regional locations within Australia and New Zealand have factors that are supportive of local development.

In this episode of Talking Property we discuss how regional BTR is likely to evolve in the future, explore the driving forces behind this growth and how a BTR asset in a regional location differs from those in the city.

Hosted by Tamba Carleton, Associate Director CBRE Research, New Zealand with special guests Craig Godber Associate Director, Head of Residential Research, Australia and Natasha Sarkar, Director of Structured Transactions & Advisory in New Zealand.


Natasha Sarkar

Director, Structured Transactions & Advisory, New Zealand, CBRE

Natasha Sarkar is Director of Structured Transactions & Advisory Services in New Zealand, where her focus is on establishing a build-to-rent (BTR) valuation and strategic advisory capability to complement CBRE's market leading research.

Tamba Carleton

Associate Director, Research, New Zealand, CBRE

Tamba Carleton is an Associate Director within CBRE's New Zealand research department specialising in high density residential research with a focus on the Auckland apartment market and build-to-rent (BTR).

Craig Godber

Associate Director, Head of Residential Research, Australia, CBRE

Craig is responsible for managing residential and build-to-rent (BTR) research in Australia, covering all markets across the country. His role includes monitoring and interpreting the relevant markets and data collection for CBRE offices throughout Australia. He works closely with both internal and external clients, regularly producing publications, reports, client presentations and consultancy reports.

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