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Talking about property is so much more than the physical building – we go beyond the buildings and warehouses and look holistically at real estate operations and the impacts to all its community.

In this episode of Talking Property, Sameer Chopra, Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific, CBRE, and Su-Fern Tan, Head of ESG, Pacific, CBRE sit down with Robert Ewing, Head of Asset Management, ESR and Mark Boulter, Seafood Technical Support at Bidfood Australia & Principal of Safe Sustainable Seafood.

Together they uncover the latest in occupier and landlord initiatives, across topics from sustainable building design, waste management, modern slavery initiatives and gender diversity.


Sameer Chopra

Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific, CBRE

As previous Managing Director, Head of Australia Research and Head of Asia Pacific ESG Research at Bank of America Securities, Sameer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to CBRE and our clients. Ranked no. 1 in Institutional Investors Asia 2019, the Australia team was also recognised as Best Ongoing ESG research at Responsible Investors Association of Australia 2021 awards. In 2020, Sameer led BofA’s Global ESG Research conference and has presented at a number of industry events.

Su-Fern Tan

Head of ESG, Pacific, CBRE

Su-Fern leads the national sustainability team and using science-based targets, will accelerate CBRE’s ability to support clients, investors and communities to exceed ESG targets. Su-Fern Tan has a blended background in technology and ESG, holding senior roles at Arup, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Prescriptive Data and Catalent in addition to being a board advisor of Sustainability at several high profile property management and government committees in the U.S.

Robert Ewing

Head of Asset Management, ESR

Robert is responsible for the implementation, strategic value creation and operational performance of all assets under management. Robert leads a well skilled team with a proven track record in asset repositioning and ensures the proactive delivery of asset, property and development management in line with targeted investment performance objectives. Robert is a member of ESR Australia’s Senior Membership team and ESG committee as well as ESR Group’s Future Solutions Group.

Mark Boulter

Seafood Technical Support at Bidfood Australia & Principal of Safe Sustainable Seafood

Mark is the principal of Safe Sustainable Seafood who focus on delivering value to clients in the fields of seafood safety, quality and sustainability. The business also provides input on topics such as; quality assurance, supply chain management, traceability and responsible sourcing policies. In recent years Mark has been the representative of a group of Seafood Importers in regard to the liaison committees / forums between industry and government.

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