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How Inclusivity Shapes Successful Future Cities

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Inclusivity is embraced and championed across different facets of today’s society. In the medium of spaces, inclusivity continues to be pioneered in bold and imaginative ways by government and industry groups who are witnessing genuine benefits from establishing cities that are inclusive, diverse, accessible, and safe.  

In our latest Talking Property episode, Amanda Steele, former Executive Managing Director of CBRE's Pacific Property Management Business, sits down with James Hulme, the Director of External Affairs and Strategy for the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commission; Letitia Hope, Partnership Experience Lead for ISPT; and by Belinda Mills, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Brookfield Properties.  

The panel delves deep into the innovative strategies currently being used to drive and grow community engagement in both major and local CBDs. From the latest Purple Flag accreditation program creating safe and inclusive spaces for all, to nurturing a 24-hour economy, to offering more flexible work patterns, inclusivity in the modern age of Australia and New Zealand is about being holistically progressive in the greater property sector.  


Amanda Steele

Former Executive Managing Director, Property Management, CBRE Pacific

Amanda joined CBRE in 2013 after 14 years working in the sustainability space. Between 2013 and 2015, Amanda was CBRE’s Pacific Head of Sustainability, before assuming the senior leadership role to manage one of the company’s biggest business lines, its Asset Services division in Pacific. Over three years, she doubled the growth of this business and delivered significant client outcomes via her innovative, creative and people-focused approach.

In October 2018, Amanda was promoted to Executive Managing Director of Property Management for CBRE's Pacific region. She has worked with the highest levels of government nationally and internationally, as well as alongside boards and CEOs of many organisations. Amanda is an active volunteer with a number of industry and community organisations and thrives on solving persistent problems with integrated solutions. Amanda is the host for The Placemakers, a television program highlighting the best placemaking in the Asian region.

James Hulme 

Director of External Affairs and Programs, Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner

James is the Director of External Affairs and Programs, Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner. He is a senior corporate affairs professional with extensive experience of external affairs, stakeholder management and communications in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. James has worked with and advised senior figures from business, government and the media across Australia and the UK. He also holds a detailed knowledge of policy areas including housing, transport, infrastructure, financial services and energy.

Letitia Hope 

Strategy and Experience Specialist, ISPT

Letitia is a Strategy and Experience Specialist, passionate about innovating workplace experiences across assets, she strives to create workplaces that connect people and encourages them to thrive, consistently driving ISPT as the workplace partner of choice. With a Masters in Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, post graduate qualifications in Change Management and qualifications in Marketing and Sociology, Letitia believes in driving successful partnerships to build connected communities that inspire.

An advocate for diversity, Letitia is dedicated to implementing workplace strategies that add value to all people’s lives, their progression and their wellbeing through analysing new research and understanding future trends.

Belinda Mills 

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Brookfield Properties

Belinda Mills is the driving force behind Brookfield Properties’ renowned placemaking strategies in Australian real estate. Supported by a team of placemaking specialists, and a key member of the Marketing and Communications delivery team, Belinda is responsible for ensuring Brookfield Properties’ real estate experiences are never boring. Belinda began with Brookfield Properties in 2019, and prior to this held various senior roles with Lendlease across retail, urban regeneration and communities, promotions and marketing.

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