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Lobby Series: Creating Conscious Cities that Maximise the Human Experience

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The image shows an aerial shot taken in Darling Harbour in Sydney, NSW.

Purpose-driven businesses and communities create opportunities for us to evolve how we live, work and play. So, how do we lay the foundations of a conscious city to maximise the overall human experience? 
In this episode of Talking Property, Sameer Chopra, CBRE's Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific, sits down with Dr. Caroline Butler-Bowdon, Executive Director, Cities Revitalisation and Place at Transport for NSW, to explore the intricacies of becoming a conscious city.  

From socially aware communities that harness the potential of data and information to self-improve, to cities grounded by history and nature, the collective identity of a conscious city is more complex than most would assume. This is especially the case for cities that need to respond collectively and rapidly to world events such as the pandemic, climate change or inflation.  

While the need to highlight what makes the ideal conscious city, Dr. Caroline Butler-Bowden emphasises the need to identify what an unconscious city looks like as well so that planning and revitalisation can be executed efficiently from the very start.  
Each episode from this series takes place in the lobby of some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and brings together our very own in-house experts with market leaders who are shaping our future cities. 


Sameer Chopra

Pacific Head of Research, CBRE

Sameer is responsible for framing the real estate market outlook and developing economic and property sector forecasts. He is proud of the unique insights he brings to the market, which are cutting edge.

Dr. Caroline Butler-Bowden 

Executive Director, Cities Revitalisation and Place, Transport for NSW

Dr Caroline Butler‐Bowdon is an Executive Director in the Cities Revitalisation and Place Division at Transport for NSW where she leads a team of strategists, policymakers, place-managers, project managers, planners and storytellers to lead a program of investment in NSW addressing the wellbeing walkability and amenity and activation in our streets, civic places in our suburbs and cities.

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