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The Lobby Series: Fashion’s Impact on People and Planet

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The fashion industry has come under enormous pressure to think about how they design, manufacture and ship products in a more ethical and sustainable way.

In this episode of Talking Property, Kate Bailey, the Head of Retail and Alternatives Research at CBRE, sits down with Gordon Renouf, CEO & Founder of Good On You. Together, they discuss the consumer trends driving the future of fashion, whether immersive retail experiences will fuel consumerism or aid a more circular economy and whether companies can be profitable while still considering ESG factors.

Good On You is the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings. They gather information together and use expert analysis to give brands an easy-to-understand score while giving consumers everything they need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion.

Each episode from this series takes place in the lobby of some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and brings together our very own in-house experts with market leaders who are shaping our future cities.


Kate Bailey

Head of Retail and Alternatives Research, CBRE Pacific

Kate is passionate about driving thought leadership around innovation and transformation in the retail sector. She has worked in property economics for 13 years including time working inhouse with a major retailer.

Gordon Renouf 

CEO & Founder of Good on You

Founder and CEO of Good On You, the world's leading sustainability ratings for fashion brands. Good On You brand ratings and content makes sustainable shopping easy for millions of people around the world. Before starting Good On You, Gordon was a consumer advocate for 30 years including as head of Campaigns at CHOICE and a Board member of Consumers International.

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