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Office Expectations Vs. Reality

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The world has changed significantly over the last two years. The way we live, work and interact with one another was flipped on its head. In the shift to flexible working, what we knew to be the traditional office was put into question and people’s priorities changed. 

In today’s episode we’re shining a spotlight on the office experience and talking expectation vs. reality. What trends we anticipated to see in the office VS. what is actually happening in workplaces today. Hosted by Janet Martin, Former Regional Director Workplace Strategy & Change Management and Sameer Chopra, CBRE’s Head of Research in Pacific and Head of ESG Research across Asia Pacific. 



Janet Martin

Former Regional Director, Workplace Strategy and Change Management, Pacific, CBRE

With experience in urban place making, large-scale strategic master-planning and asset planning for large companies and authorities, Janet brings a rich and diverse skill set to the property industry. A leader in Australia’s workplace strategy sector since its inception, she brings a perspective to workplace strategy that goes well beyond the floorplate and extends to the broader building, locale, and place. Janet works closely with occupiers, landlords and a variety of suppliers as well as levels of government and other contributors to create exceptional places and experiences.

Sameer Chopra 

Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific 

Sameer is responsible for framing the real estate market outlook and developing economic and property sector forecasts. He is proud of the unique insights he brings to the market, which are cutting edge. Research must be more than macroeconomic trends, Sameer believes. It needs to be useable information. He spent much of his career in banking and, as he puts it, is a finance guy. Bringing the discipline of finance to property is one of Sameer’s skills. Sameer is a thought leader in the property industry and ESG industries. He has led teams that have won multiple responsible investing awards.  

Office Expectations Vs. Reality

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