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The ESG future for Australia’s industrial & logistics sector

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The image shows the entrance to The YARDS industrial estate.

Is it possible to create an industrial workplace that workers want to be in? Or even an industrial workplace which sets a bold new standard in sustainability? 

While office, residential and retail spaces were the first property types to experience the real benefits of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and placemaking initiatives, the industrial & logistics space is now a major investment grade asset class which is also beginning to inherit the same sustainability criteria. It’s a strong indication that industrial property has changed and is no longer just about employees arriving to work in a shed and then clocking off. 

In our latest ESG in Conversation series, CBRE’s Pacific Head of ESG, Su-Fern Tan, talks exclusively to Andrew Thai, National Sustainability Manager for Frasers Property Industrial, and Tamara Williams, Head of ESG for Altis. In this insightful talk, the trio explore the real-time sustainability strategies being used by today’s leading developers to help future proof their portfolios while showcasing the unique ROI opportunities that innovation in this space can bring. 

With analysis based around The YARDS project, the first industrial estate to ever achieve a Green Star Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, the experts will specifically look at:  

  • What this industrial project did to earn this rating
  • The challenges of pursuing the maximum Green Star rating for industrial assets
  • The hidden benefits of providing workers with amenities and a sense of community
  • Identifying the value of this rating system and the value of social impact for industrial assets
  • Which stakeholders are demanding this radical shift in industrial assets 

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Andrew Thai 

National Sustainability Manager, Frasers Property Industrial

As a National Sustainability Manager at Frasers Property Industrial, Andrew works with the delivery, operations and asset management teams to establish a sustainability strategy. He also works on embedding those strategies to realise tangible value for all stakeholders.

Tamara Williams 

Director of ESG, Altis

Tamara has more than 25 years’ experience in real estate finance, investment banking, funds management and responsible investing. Her role involves responsibility for the group’s ESG initiatives, including ensuring that ESG is embedded within the Altis culture and is adopted into day-to-day operations. She is also responsible for ensuring that the ESG related requirements from investors and stakeholders are met by Altis’ investments.

Su-Fern Tan 

Head of ESG, Pacific, CBRE

Su-Fern Tan has a blended background in technology and sustainability. She has represented the interests of both investors and occupiers and brings a wide range of knowledge from her work in the office, life sciences and industrial sectors. She has both design and operations experience spanning a long history of delivering commercial sustainability outcomes in Real Estate. In 2007 her building, CH2, won the “World’s Greenest Building”. As the Head of ESG, she uses her experience and knowledge to drive ESG outcomes in the property industry through real estate services and proptech. Her work enables CBRE to support clients, investors, and communities to deliver and exceed their ESG targets.

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