Matthew Hole

Director of Operations, Valuation & Advisory Services, Australia

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Level 3, Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

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Matthew began his career in the finance industry in 2003, initially as a lender, then as a mortgage broker. In 2010, he commenced working for a valuations and data aggregator, taking on the role of National Panel Manager in 2012.

This role entailed managing valuation lending panels that consisted of 100s of individual valuation firms, ensuring that valuations were compliant to industry standards, as well as reporting on service level agreements along with compliance and risk monitors.

In mid-2014, Matthew joined one of Australia’s major valuation firms in the role of National Performance Manager, ensuring in excess of 1000 valuation requests daily were completed within agreed timeframes and to industry standards across over 60 offices nationwide, as well as managing stakeholders across over 20 individual entities on behalf of Australia’s major lenders.

Matthew joined the CBRE team in December 2016, bringing with him his experience from each side of the finance and property process: as a lender/broker, as a panel manager, and as a performance manager within a valuation firm. As Director - Residential Valuation Performance, Australia, Matthew managed client service delivery across the Valuation business before taking on the role of Director of Operations, Valuation & Advisory Services, Australia where he is responsible for delivering exceptional operational outcomes across the VAS Australia business.