Nicolas McNamara

Director, Project Management, Occupier Consulting

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New York, NY 10166

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Nicolas McNamara is a seasoned professional who excels in leadership, analysis, organization, and communication. With a proven track record in project management, cost controls, financial analysis, reporting, training, and staff development, he currently leads the North American cost consultancy group, overseeing a team of over 50 consultants.

Nicolas joined CBRE in 2015 to help establish the cost consulting platform. In 2017, he assumed a leadership role as a Regional Finance Manager, overseeing and growing advisory businesses within the Northeast. In 2019, Nicolas took on the position of Director of Operations for the North American cost consulting business, further expanding his responsibilities. By 2022, he became the leader of the North American cost consulting business, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Having extensive experience as a regional finance director and involvement in large-scale Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects, Nicolas has successfully managed diverse ventures in the hospitality and manufacturing sectors across the United States and the Caribbean. His expertise in P3 initiatives has contributed to the seamless collaboration between public and private stakeholders, resulting in efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable project delivery.

Skillfully assessing clients' needs, Nicolas designs customized delivery platforms and ensures complete transparency of information. Detail-oriented and relentlessly committed to uncovering the truth, he consistently delivers exceptional value to clients by meticulously managing every aspect of the process, including cost estimation, value management, intelligent procurement strategies, and precise tracking of financial flows up until project completion.