How CBRE Builds Advantage for Capital Market Investors

As the real estate market continues to globalise, many investors seek out additional areas to invest. One of these areas comes in the form of commercial real estate capital markets. This investment strategy covers a broad range of components including public/private operations, equity and debt markets, and all the secondary markets derived from these.
CBRE understands the unique potential real estate capital markets hold for its clients. Our team delivers streamlined results, individually developed around each of our clients. That way, you can feel confident that you’re pursuing a high-yielding strategy within your own investment portfolio.

Defining Capital Markets and Real Estate

  • Private Equity – Markets & Deals: Private equity represents a highly lucrative area of capital markets. Strong returns are achieved through  a variety of incentives such as fewer operational restrictions and tax advantages (depending on the location of the investment).
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts: Also known as REITs, these organisations operate multiple commercial, income-generating properties. A well-curated portfolio of investments within these trusts can maximise overall ROI.
  • Risk & Return Management: All investments carry some degree of risk. The solution relies on identifying and understanding these risks to minimise them. The right capital market plan can reduce overall risk to enhance returns.
  • Portfolio Optimisation: As mentioned, a well-structured portfolio must be continually assessed, adjusted and optimised for the highest yields. This holds particularly true in commercial real estate where risk can quickly overtake reward with a poorly planned or shortsighted approach.

Our Services for Investors

CBRE brings you exceptional service and superior commercial real estate capital market results. Our professionals have devoted themselves to achieving the strongest results for our clients. Whether you’re looking for capital market investment opportunities in Australia or anywhere else in the Pacific, we’re ready to connect you with the best possible opportunities.

Collaborating across geographic borders, service lines and commercial real estate sectors, including office, industrial, retail and other specialised areas, we provide end-to-end integrated services, including:

  • Property Sales: Fully integrated global service combining investment sales, advisory, financing and mortgage banking, together with industry leading research to connect our clients with buyers.
  • International/Global Investments: With investors increasingly diversifying across geographies, asset classes and the risk spectrum, CBRE leverages personal relationships to connect clients with opportunities all around the world.
  • Institutional Investments: The acquisition and disposal of Office, Industrial & Logistics, Retail and Hotel investment stock.
  • Metropolitan Investments:  The sale of small to medium sized investments in metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Debt & Structured Finance Services: Tailored real asset finance solutions designed to meet a specific business and investment or lending objectives. 

Capital markets provide high return potential with the right approach.  For the highest level of success, work with the experts to help you develop and maintain a well-polished, high ROI investment portfolio.

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