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Data Centre Solutions

Experts in solving complex challenges for one of the industry’s most dynamic asset types.


Investors, operators and enterprises globally, rely on CBRE’s unmatchable transactional experience and technical expertise to support underwriting and better decision making.

Our winning combination of real estate sales, advisory, financing and investment banking ensures we unlock hidden value in data centres assets, creating leading outcomes for our clients.

CBRE is uniquely positioned to solve complex challenges and identify opportunities within every stage of the data centre lifecycle. Our specialist Data Centre Solutions (DCS) team combines it's extensive knowledge from across all the DCS service lines, with real estate capital markets expertise, to transform outcomes for clients. We deliver fully integrated real estate, facilities and technology solutions that realise potential for data centre owners, occupiers and investors across the globe.

Our specialised services

  • Benchmarking operational costs and identifying cost savings to maximise NOI
  • Introducing best-in-class alternatives for reduced risk and downtime
  • Facilitating informed, defensible and trusted underwriting assumptions
  • Site selection/analysis
  • Identifying solutions to modify existing topology for greater leasable capacity, including:
    • Modifying design (e.g. 2N to N+1)
    • Adding additional power capacity
    • Justifying anticipated future capital expenditures for end-of-life critical equipment

Core Capabilities

Capturing the Cloud


As the cloud takes over, we explore the role and future of data centres in the Pacific.

This report looks at the future of the data centre sector in the Pacific and opportunities for investors to capitalise on anticipated future growth.

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