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1. Strategy and execution - We work with our clients to make sure that every person on a project is working for and respecting the interests of their business.

2. The right people, processes and platforms to make any project a success - With project managers across the country, we work with our local and national brokers to help our clients select, evaluate, and lease the right space for their business.

3. Leverage your brand through real estate - CBRE Project Management is part of a full-service real estate firm dedicated to helping tenants effectively manage their corporate portfolios and projects.

Types of Projects

We manage and implement:

  • A wide range of projects in newly constructed or existing buildings
  • Innovative, high-end projects within a complex decision-making framework
  • LEED® projects with new interior design standards
  • Current building technologies that increase tenant comfort while reducing occupancy costs
  • Relocation of clients with minimal impact to operations

For more information about CBRE Corporate Occupier Capability, contact a member of our team. View a selection of occupier projects managed by CBRE below.

Corporate Occupier Solutions

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