The life science industry is expected to be a major growth sector in Australia over the coming years contributing to occupier and investment activity growth within commercial property. We have already observed heightened activity in this space over the past 18 months. Global pharmaceutical companies are expanding their production capabilities in Australia, including R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. This is being backed by the Federal Government to solidify Australia’s sovereign capability, with the COVID-19 pandemic prompting a greater focus on this sector. Australia is also a mature economy with a transparent business environment and has well-established hubs for the biomedical industry.

This report by CBRE Research provides an overview of Australia’s life science real estate, focusing on key trends, demand drivers, corporate real estate strategies and investment opportunities in the country’s major life science hubs. 

Report Snapshot



Key Takeaways


Sector Forecast to Double

The investable universe of the Life Science sector is forecast to double from AUD 13 billion to AUD 24 billion over the next decade.

Government Spend Increase

It is expected that Government spending on health and aged care sectors will increase by 7% over the next 40 years, with business incentives forming a part of this strategy.

Emerging Precincts

Currently, Australia has around 20 established and active life science related precincts and an estimate of 15 that are emerging or planned.

The Rise of Australia's Life Sciences Sector

In this episode of Talking Property, Sass J-Baleh Head of Industrial & Logistics Research at CBRE sits down with Julie Phillips, CEO and Director of BioDiem, Jack Walters Head of Industrial Transactions at Charter Hall and Chris O’Brien Executive Director, Capital Markets, Industrial & Logistics at CBRE. Together, they take a closer a look at the Australian life sciences sector from pharmaceutical manufacturing and demand for life science assets, through to the types of investor groups showing interest, major transactions and their predictions for industry growth over the next decade.

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