Retail Asset Management

With genuine connections, unique insight, and unmatched experience, we add value to your retail assets.


We create retail environments that improve the economic and social well-being of the connected communities. We work directly with retailers to simplify relationship chains, solve everyday challenges, improve sales, and shape the future of retail.

As a team and with our partners, we hold each other accountable to deliver solutions and services that are progressive and purposeful. Together, we elevate retail experiences and help our clients make the right decisions.

We build better connections

A retail centre sits at the heart of every community, providing essential services and amenities. We work collaboratively alongside retailers to develop genuine connections that have impactful actions within the centres we manage. We go beyond day-to-day operations to provide globally relevant insights and technologies to deliver refreshing retail experiences so our communities thrive. With our retailer-centric approach, we increase revenue, retain tenants, and enhance the value of your asset.

Our market-leading technology provides real-time data of your property performance

We are the only agency that has built a platform with a single point of connection across all our digital tools and data points. Our PULSE platform connects contractors, tenants and managing agents and provides real-time information on all aspects of the performance of your property, with immediate response, detailed audit trail and transparency of service delivery.

Our property management and leasing teams work together

We nurture the needs of clients and retailers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the long term. Our global network of retail leasing experts have extensive contacts with national and independent retailers and work closely with CBRE retail property management to maximise the value of your assets.

Our marketing team creates memorable retail experiences

Our marketing philosophy is simple: we inspire, reward, and engage our customers. We integrate our managed centres into their surrounding communities and create memorable retail experiences through marketing strategies that understand and evolve with your strategic objectives. We understand that retailer success underpins the success of the asset, and we nurture these relationships to their full potential.


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