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Create deeper connections between your tenants, their employees, the places they occupy and the amenities you provide.


Blending our experience across placemaking, hospitality, technology and property, we partner with landlords to create an unparalleled workplace experience. We can design and deliver tailored placemaking and engagement strategies, provide exceptional front-of-house teams integrated with building management to ensure a seamless experience – while the proprietary Host app conveniently connects employees and tenants directly to building services and amenities.

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Delivering Winten’s ambitious vision for the launch of North Sydney’s tallest commercial tower. 



  • Podcast

    The Psychology of Place

    November 11, 2021


    Talking about property is so much more than the physical building – it’s about placemaking, building community and creating opportunities for connection, something that has become so important in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

  • CBRE-expert-opinion-trend-shaping-future-workspaces-employees-sitting-socially-distanced-at-meeting-table-having-a-discussion

    Flexibility and choice. They’ve become two of the non-negotiables for a growing number of employees as they return to the office.

  • CBRE-expert-opinion-two-types-of-office-and-hybrid-working-man-sitting-at-home-desk-working

    If you have a desk-based job role, chances are you’re currently working from home, or have done so at some stage this year. Whether you’re someone who is relishing it, sick of it, or a little of both, the big questions running through employers’ minds are “How can we make our workplaces more attractive and encourage a return to the office, even if for half the week?”

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