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No matter your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, we’ve got an adaptable service offering that draws on the expertise of our team.


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Our methodology brings together talent, capabilities, and experience to achieve carbon neutrality commitments, improve portfolio resiliency and reduce asset life-cycle costs.

We recognise that sustainability is not an off-the-shelf product. Our sustainability approach translates your commitments into practical workplace solutions that reduce impact, regenerate natural resources, and inclusively provide for the future.

Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are continuing to grow in importance for investors, owners, and tenants within the property industry. Along with a common desire to mitigate environmental issues and strengthen social outcomes, there is growing evidence of financial benefits through rental premiums and capital rates for buildings with strong ESG credentials. As a result, ESG assessments are being imbedded during the acquisition and ownership phases to align with ESG reporting requirements.

Key Outputs

  1. NABERS Pathways

    The NABERS rating tools provide industry sustainability benchmarking of building Energy and Water efficiency, Waste management and Indoor Environment Quality, for various building types. 

    We can assist in benchmarking your assets or portfolios and identifying opportunities for improvement, forming a pathway to achieve target ratings. 
  2. Green Star Performance Pathways

    Green Star Performance is a rating tool developed to assess the operational performance of a building across nine ESG categories; Management, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use & Ecology, Emissions and Innovation. By undertaking an indicative rating of your assets or portfolios to form a baseline, we identify opportunities to achieve additional points across the various Green Star categories and credits to improve the rating, forming a pathway to achieve your target rating. 
  3. Net Zero Carbon Pathway

    Governments and corporations globally, including property owners, are making public commitments to achieve Net Zero Carbon in their operations to assist the decarbonisation of the global economy and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We can assist in forming a carbon baseline for your assets or portfolios and then undertake site assessments to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and transition away from fossil fuels, to form a Net Zero Carbon Pathway of Scope 1 and 2 emissions and provide guidance around Scope 3 emissions.
  4. Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation Assessment

    The ability of an asset to cope with the current and future effects of climate change is becoming an important risk consideration during Technical Due Diligence reporting and for the operation and management of an asset. We utilise climate change modelling software and physical site inspections to ascertain the level of climate change risk at an asset or portfolio level and identify potential building adaptations that can be completed to eliminate or alleviate the risk. 
  5. ESG Capex Forecast

    As property owners commit to ESG targets for their portfolios, we are seeing a shift in the industry from maintaining assets at current performance standards to identifying opportunities for ESG improvement with every capex spend. Our ESG Capex Forecast assists clients to understand the potential ESG benefits associated with each proposed capex spend or to identify opportunities where the typical scope of works can be amended to achieve greater ESG outcomes. These improvements could be items relating to reduction of carbon emissions and water use, improved indoor air quality (IEQ), environmentally friendly materials.

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