Case Study

Glebe Hill Village Shopping Centre, Tasmania

Using Pathzz, Glebe Hill Village was 100% leased before development had started.


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Glebe Hill Village is a new neighbourhood shopping centre currently under-development approximately 15-minutes east of the Hobart CBD. CBRE partnered with Pathzz, a next generation location-based consumer analytics tool, to power the development’s planning, leasing and strategic marketing efforts. 
Pathzz unlocked valuable insights into the consumer behaviours of local residents. It allowed us to pinpoint the strong pull of Shoreline Plaza, the main competing neighbourhood offering, into areas of low competition to the east of Glebe Hill. We could also use customer mapping to reveal the bulk of these shopping trips came via Rokeby Road and would need to drive past Glebe Hill Village to shop at Shoreline Plaza.  

Pathzz also identified a large volume of commuters were stopping at Shoreline Plaza on their way back from working in the CBD. This created further opportunities for Glebe Hill Village to catch more spend from more residents and commuters. These unique consumer insights enabled us to target tenants who would meet the locals’ needs. 

Unique insights unlock opportunity and competitive advantage.

The consumer behaviour analysis created competition between Woolworths and Coles.  Beyond demonstrating the opportunity of the development, it also enabled the developer to be fully aware of the value Glebe Hill Village offered.  

Working with the unmatchable insights provided by Pathzz, Coles was quickly secured as the anchor tenant, and Glebe Hill Village was 100% leased before development began. 
Pathzz has also identified crucial locations where Glebe Hill Village will need to focus to win customers. It will also be used maintain a competitive advantage and track results through stabilisation and beyond.   

Delivering transformational outcomes for our client - Here's what they had to say.

Whether it is a new development or existing centre, Pathzz empowers our team to be confident we have actual data rather than opinions to give us a customer-first approach to the development, leasing and marketing strategies of those assets. The work we did with CBRE on Glebe Hill Village was instrumental in quickly securing numerous tenants that were otherwise unaware of the strength of our catchment and the impact our centre would have on the competition.
Scott SpantonCEO, Tipalea Partners

Pathzz with CBRE

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