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After a challenging year, the Australian property sector is expected to rebound in 2021

The Australian property sector experienced significant uncertainty and transformation in 2020. COVID-19 saw the acceleration of trends including employees choosing to work flexibly and increasing consumer demand for e-commerce. This has disrupted the market and created a number of opportunities for investors, landlords and occupiers alike.

Australia’s response to the pandemic has set the market up to rebound strongly in 2021. Solid underlying demand and favourable economic conditions should support a recovery in enquiry and more economic stability in the year ahead.

Australia Property Market Outlook by Sector

  • Capital-Markets-Option-2-Market-Outlook_Industry-Tiles_278x226

    2020 saw record low investment levels, in 2021 we expect a pick up in activity with investors being both more acquisitive and increasing their levels of disposals as well.

  • Hotels-Market-Outlook_Industry-Tiles_278x226

    2021 will see a gradual recovery in trading markets as the vaccine rollout gathers momentum, giving people the confidence to lock in plans for travel.

  • Industrial-and-Logistics-Market-Outlook_Industry-Tiles_278x226

    Demand continues to grow for industrial and logistics assets, fuelled by e-commerce growth.

  • Office-Option-2-Market-Outlook_Industry Tiles_278x226

    Recovery in tenant demand will be uneven across Australia, but the future of office is here to stay.

  • RESIDENTIAL-Market-Outlook_Industry-Tiles_278x226

    Remarkable resilience on the back of low interest rates and government stimulus will drive stronger growth in 2021.

  • Retail-Option-2-Market-Outlook_Industry-Tiles

    Changing patterns of consumer demand are driving opportunities for innovative investors, landlords and occupiers.