Commercial Farming & Agribusiness Services

CBRE Agribusiness is dedicated to being the industry’s premier provider of valuation, advisory and transaction services for investors and owners of all types of agribusiness properties. 

The team understands the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when investing in or divesting agribusiness properties. Our professionals all have diverse rural backgrounds, practical experience and choose to specialise in this sector. They have devoted their careers to following the properties, investors and owners that trade in this space. They have deep insight into this market and strive to build client relationships that endure. 
CBRE Agribusiness comprises over 40 dedicated professionals who specialise in all agricultural sectors and commodities, and have significant real estate experience. CBRE staff are located in offices based in Australia and New Zealand, however regularly engage in broader international transactions in North and South America, Europe and South East Asia.



  • Aquaculture
  • Cropping (including Broadhectare Irrigation)
  • Dairy
  • Equine
  • Forestry
  • Grazing
  • Historic & Lifestyle
  • Horticulture (including Market Gardens & Protected Cropping)
  • Mixed Farming
  • Piggeries
  • Poultry
  • Viticulture
  • Water Entitlements


  • Abattoirs
  • Bulk Commodity Storage (including Ports)
  • Cotton Gins
  • Fats & Oils Processing Facilities
  • Feedlots
  • Livestock Selling Centres
  • Milk Processing
  • Nut Cracking, Hulling & Processing Facilities
  • Sugar Mills
  • Timber Mills
  • Wineries


  • Land Use Management
  • Native Vegetation Offsets
  • Negotiated Land Purchase
  • Owner Reinstatement / Site Searches
  • Renewable Energy & Carbon Sequestration Advice
  • Scoping Studies for Ancillary Infrastructure & Service Corridors (i.e. Land Acquisition Estimates)
  • Tenement Negotiation & Acquisition

All know-how and experience in one integrated team

  • Integrated real estate solutions through broad expertise in every facet of the agribusiness supply chain
  • Reliable professionals who complete your project within the time agreed and for the budget allocated
  • Industry leading advice and solid management of your project
  • Specialised team in Pacific providing CBRE’s only dedicated service in the agribusiness sector
  • One contact person who knows your organisation through and through, knows the key objectives in your real estate policy and supervises every local team

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We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when investing in or divesting agribusiness properties. We are experienced in transaction services across a range of property types, ranging from rural lifestyle to large agricultural holdings and specialised / purpose built facilities.
Integrity and independence are at the heart of our work. These ensure we provide you with a professional and honest vision on your real estate and provide the highest quality in assessments.
Have a look at our Agribusiness Capability Statement to learn how we can build advantage for you.