Industrial & Logistics Real Estate Services That Deliver Scalable Solutions

It takes a range of skills and expertise to help clients navigate the peaks and valleys of the complex world of industrial real estate. CBRE offers industrial real estate services to clients who need expert advice on property sales and leasing, land sales, asset management, and more. We have developed a market leading platform that lets us provide each individual client with scalable solutions that are right for their needs.
We will give you the benefits you need to gain a  competitive edge. Get better results for your business or for your investments. Our platform is powered by robust data analytics and a deep understanding of the Pacific Industrial & Logistics market. With the Pacific team operating under a global umbrella we are able to leverage our expert knowledge of the local market with global best practice, providing us with a market leading platform to advise our clients
Clients look to CBRE when they are preparing to buy, sell, or lease their asset and they want to achieve the best value. Our strength lies in our ability to understand a client’s needs and tailor  them to the current market trends. Whether you are a land owner, investor, tenant, or landlord, we can find the right solution for you. Using a fully-integrated offering we act as strategic advisors to our clients, offering a holistic view of the Pacific Industrial & Logistics market whilst also drilling down to region/suburb level, we will provide you with the information needed to base your decisions on.

Our Industrial & Logistics Services

  • Leasing: Market leading strategic advice on leasing your asset to ensure maximum value.
  • Capital Markets: Strategically advise you on the best way to extract a premium result for your asset sale.
  • Acquisition Advice: Expertise in valuations and asset strategy allows us to guide you throughout the acquisition process.
  • Portfolio Strategy: Review and advise on portfolio to ensure it is achieving greatest possible results
  • Land Sales: Utilise our market leading database to help advise on your next sale
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Strategic advice on supply chain transformation
  • Portfolio & Strategic Asset Divestment: Analysis and strategic optimisation of divestment and other assets
  • Owner Occupier Sales: Assist owner occupiers in extracting a premium result in the sale of their assets
  • Pre-Lease & “Build-to-suit” Facilities: A full service pre-lease and “build to suit” process
  • Sale & Leaseback Transactions: An alternative revenue raising opportunity for investment
  • Transaction Structuring: Partner with clients to advise and implement structured transactions
  • Feasibility Analysis: Advise on the appropriate scheme or use of assets/capital to optimise return
  • Development Finance & Forward Funding: Create new investment opportunities for developers and land owners

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