Law Firms

Utilise real estate strategies and services for your law firm and your clients with leading market research, processes and decades of experience in legal markets worldwide.


The legal sector is in a cycle of continuous change as it embraces and adapts to a changing world.

While culture and processes are rooted in tradition and precedence, many firms are looking to innovate and employ new strategies and partnerships that are more efficient and profitable. Our tools and expertise help build a successful future for law firms and the clients they serve.

  • Global commitment: Navigate the ever-changing legal industry landscape with support from our collaborative network of local real estate professionals and subject matter experts.
  • Powered by data: With top professionals in every state, our services are underpinned by unique insights and research data.
  • Expert professionals: Through proprietary market intelligence and a broad service offering, we deliver the complete spectrum of strategic valuation, advisory and transaction services. 

How We Deliver

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